I don’t think that who we are as a person should be defined by our grades. Some of us have exceptional talents that cannot possibly be represented by a single letter or number on a graduation certificate. 

But that’s just how our world works, and there isn’t much we can do about it.

So I think that instead of trying to change something that is so ingrained in our culture and our society, we should view it positively.

Because grades may not reflect our personality or our talents, but we can use it as a measure of our determination and our resilience.

Grades can be the fire by which we temper ourselves. It is not by any means pleasant, in fact it burns, but we emerge stronger and better.

We have to learn not to be weighed down by the marks we loose, and instead focus on what we did right, how we accomplished that. Take each exam as a learning experience and continuously add to the the list of things you’ve done well in. 

"Today, I cleared all my distractions, sat down at a table and focused. I learned discipline."

"This time I finished the full paper, I wasn’t short of time. I learned to prioritise and time manage."

Sooner or later the list will add up. Discipline. Practice. Understanding. Internalising. so on and so forth, and good grades will naturally follow.

You’ll find that grades are less about sitting in the lecture hall and rushing out an essay, and more to do with the weeks of preparation, the hard work and effort you’ve put in. 

Eventually you’ll realise that exams aren’t about content or memorisation. 20 years down the road, you won’t remember a single essay you memorised. But you’ll still make use of the skills you learnt, the values you acquired.

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Camera Bags

I’ve finally found a camera bag that looks absolutely fantastic.

The Brooklyn Satchel by ONA

I adore the rustic leather look of the satchel. It’s easily one of the most beautiful camera bags I have ever seen. 

But it weighs 2.8 pounds.


That’s just slightly lighter than 1.3 kilograms. 

and then, its also $349

where do people even get that kind of money?

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Cramming frantically for biology block test = sounding like a mad woman mumbling and talking to myself.

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"Chihaya-chan, are you trying to use both of their strengths?"

season 2 episode 5



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SAT Scores

SAT results are coming out tomorrow 

Honestly, I’m juggling the fine line between hoping for the best and expecting the worst. 

But well, whatever will be will be. 

It’s too late to do anything anyway.

( on a side note, wentinger, my amazing friend, I hope you’ll do brilliantly and bring you one step closer to your goal)

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Maybe it would be a good idea to write a book titled ‘What you didn’t know’.

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I promise

Obliviousness is bliss.

And everyone who denies it has been slapped by reality so hard that they have to cling to that tiny scrap of satisfaction.

I’m lucky that I found out. I’m glad that I know now.

They’re all empty words. All they do is convey the depth of how much they’ve been hurt.

I’m okay now. I’ve emerged stronger.

No you’re not. I know that it still hurts. 

But I can’t do much. All I can offer is a comforting hug, a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

If I could, I would take away all the pain inside you. But I can’t and every time I’m faced with that hopelessness, hot tears sting my eyes and I sit here in the darkness as they streak down my cheek. A tidal wave of emotion hits me - I can’t bear to see you break.

I can’t do much, but I’ll make a promise to you, a promise that will last a lifetime. I’ll always love you.

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When you play in team competitions, you realise that every point you take, you take for yourself and for the team.

You aren’t alone, you have partners and teammates.

You have people who will cheer you on.

And yes, winning may still be hard, but having them there, behind you, supporting you,  makes loosing even harder.

So for every single game, every single point, you’ll fight for it as if it were the last point, you’ll give it your all because nothing less will do.

And be it whether you win or you lose, you’ll walk out of the court triumphant because you fought hard and you played with no regrets. If you won, you deserved it, and if you lost, you gave your opponent a tough fight.

When it’s all finally over, you realise it’s not about the winning or the trophy, not about coming in first or bringing eternal glory to the school. It’s about the experience you had, the friends you made and the memories you shared. 

The competition was hard. Practice made you want to quit, and the competition? The competition almost broke you. You experienced bitter defeat at times. There were matches where you felt like the odds were stacked against you, and you were fighting a loosing battle and you wanted to give up. 

But you didn’t, and you persevered through it all, and whether you won or you lost, you still gained so much from it.

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You have to do the things you don’t want to do before you can do the things you want to do.

Tsutomu Komano (Chihayafuru)
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Above all else, you should be passionate about what you do.

Only then will you achieve the greatest of heights.

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For lunadiane 

Taylor Mali is one of my favourite slam poets.

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Daniel Cloud Campos is a gem.

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I don’t even-

I just read through the essay practice section of my SAT book.

There were two sample essays given, both have perfect scores of 6, but there is (to me) a world of a difference between the two. 

The first took more of a personal approach to the prompt and I don’t know maybe it’s because of years under the Singaporean educational system, but I think one of the “outstanding” essays is quite shit.

No one is encouraged to use personal anecdotes in their General Paper essay. NO ONE. All the teachers think that doing so is indicative of a narrow and myopic world view. They feel that a broader range of examples should be chosen, and these examples should be ‘concrete’ ones taken from current affairs, international history, or even scientific breakthroughs and statistics. 

Essays based on “I am a perfectionist and therefore I study very hard for all my tests. I think perfectionism is good! But my teacher doesn’t think so. So perfectionism is not ‘all good’ but neither is it ‘all bad’” just does not float my boat. (or my teachers boats for that matter)

However, the SAT examiners seem to think that it’s perfectly fine and is on equal standing to another essay that compared the merits and the drawbacks of the great depression. 

I am speechless.

Utterly speechless. 

I now have to change my entire perception of what constitutes a good essay for the SAT test.

Whoop. Really looking forward to it.

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Steve Irwin

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